Letter to my dying father

Letter to my dying father

It’s 24th February, 2013 tonight. At 12:09 am while sitting beside your bed i begin to write this letter to you. Listening to your repressive breaths when every high pitched whistling or every motionless negligible movement makes it look like it’s the end. But then a sudden sound of lungs filled with air and your deep breaths give me a feeling as if it’s me who is getting a fresh lease of life every five minutes or so. I don’t know why but i am trying to find a rhythmic pattern between your breaths and mine. Sounds ridiculous but it makes me feel as if i am sharing your pain which you may or for that matter you may not at all be capable of feeling inside you because of the condition you are in right now.

Enough about whatever I am feeling right now. Let’s talk a bit about certain facts and truths of life. Now that you are determined to let your life go and embrace the non-existent self part of yours at your convenience, I am going to list some truths and some falsehoods for you to know at your last moments, even though you may not like them, at least not now. Yet I feel if anyone ought to know the truth of life really, there is no time to know it later than this.
So here they are. I will try to be as brief as possible.

1. There is no God and there is no after-life. Sorry for the heart breaking news at such stage of your life. But the fact is that your life is coming to an end forever.

2. Good news is that not a single atom of your body will be destroyed. Atoms are neither created nor destroyed. They just change shape or change form from matter to energy and vice versa. We are all made of same particles like oxygen, hydrogen, carbon etc which are found in all the stars. So, in a way you will always live among us. Only there won’t be any body or shape to it the way we mortal humans like to recognize it.

3. No life goes waste. You were a good man of character and you lived your life with dignity. You always thought your best for your family, friends and society you lived in. You did not intentionally hurt anyone ever. I do not think anyone alive would have any grudges with you. Even after your body would be no more, you will be useful in evolution of life further through your atoms that will survive. Remains of your body will be merged with air, water, flora and fauna around us. They will consume your remains now, just like you consumed air, water, flora and fauna when you were alive.

4. You fulfilled all your responsibilities toward your children, your peers and your loved ones with utmost dedication and honesty.

5. All of us love you from the bottom of our hearts and are collected in your last times to pay our respects to you.

6. I am writing all this to you so you do not get last minute hitches and so that you pass away peacefully without any mental burden or attachment.

I want to finish this letter with one statement that you always taught us and imbibed all your life.
“Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you”.

I hope we all who have assembled here in his remembrance live up to his promise.

Peacefully yours,
Your son,
Rajesh Dudeja.

Author: Rajesh Dudeja